Good Hotel Amsterdam  / Rooms    Premium hospitality with a cause.  Good Hotel is a profit for non-profit hotel concept by the Good Hospitality Group (GHG). Good Hotel Amsterdam is the first of many projects, including hotels in Brazil and Guatemala, that Remko and his team are working on for GHG.  Art Direction:  Remko Verhaagen  Design:  Sikko Valk  (lead) / Stijn Bakker / Geert Decock / Nanko van den Brule Realisation: Van Vliet Interieurmakers / Vossenhofliving / KIN / Jacobs Elektro Photography:  Chris Baker  Specs: 144 rooms / 12,5m2 / Twin / Double / DeLuxe  Book a room at
  Blooey  / Krukje  The surprisingly simple wooden structure of Krukje makes it look like it is standing on tiptoes.  Design:  Remko Verhaagen  Carpentry: Kees Beuling Specs: FSC certified pine with eco-friendly coating  Prices on  request
  Blooey  / Hobbel  Hobbel is the beautiful essence of a rocking horse. Its iconic shape is both fun to play with and a wonderful design object.  Design:  Remko Verhaagen  Engineering: Stephen Boom Business: Steven Barten Specs: Powder coated metal  Prices on  request
  Batavus  / BUB  The paper-clip inspired Batavus Utility Bike (BUB) creates a clean and instantly recognizable shape for both the standard and step-through frame.  Design:  Remko Verhaagen  and Waldo Reijnders while employed by  VanBerlo  Specs: Coated aluminium frame with heavy duty tires Awards: iF Gold / GIO  Buy a BUB at
  Nokia  / Concept Shapes  Jewelry inspired concept study of a bluetooth earpiece communicator that makes users feel pretty.  Design:  Remko Verhaagen  and Eric van Dorst while employed by  VanBerlo  Specs: Concept